r opinion, a little too much knowledge of the general. Speaking of the end, the Vietnamese President Zhang Yat day, sweep a few, just a few difficult to face the king. This look, that some of the king of some embarrassment, I can not help but look ashamed, after all, Zhang Yazhi said the truth. President, you ah Chen Haoran smiled and shook his head, said first, because the CISM it exam things of the Chinese Autonomous Isaca Certification Region, so that a number of neighboring countries suffered a loss, I love the grounds, must be expressed, so this is not Come out to say. Chen Haoran just said this, the prince Pude to come help, Mr. Chen, or say, but those places, for our three countries, I was completely abandoned a CISM tasteless tasteless tasteless, and even every year we also There is still a lot of potential to fill the pit, the place has become our heart, every year there are many countries, take those places to attack us, but we can not get that few places you do not believe ask, In addition to not bordered by Cambodia, who h.as not been his drag Now, that several places

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